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Reference How O-Ring Materials Perform with Chemicals. Basic O-Ring chemical resistance compatibility information is based on isolated generic O-Ring material testing in optimal conditions at room temperature and pressure. Exposing rubber O-Ring materials to multiple chemicals and compounding application factors like temperature pressure and ...

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O-Ring Elastomers . The basic core polymer of an elastomeric compound is called a rubber, produced either as natural gum rubber or manufactured synthetically by the chemical industry. Today, more than 32 synthetic rubbers are known, the most important ones are listed here.. Modern elastomeric sealing compounds generally contain 50 to 60% base polymer and are often described simply as "rubber."

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O-Ring Elastomers Stock and Special Order Nitrile (Buna-N) 70 Durometer Standard. Buna-N O-Rings / Nitrile O-Rings / NBR: Nitrile (Buna-N) is the most widely used elastomer due to its excellent resistance to petroleum products, operating temperature range (-40°F to +257°F) and one of the best performance-to-cost values. It's an ideal material for aerospace, automotive, propane and natural ...

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Eighty years of sealing experience. ERIKS' 80 years of sealing experience and profound knowledge of your business, its applications and installations is made accessible through a number of materials: a technical o-ring manual and various tables with elastomer properties.

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National(R) O-Rings are available in a Nitrile (BUNA-N) material as well as super-durable Fluroelastomer material designed for use in higher temperatures or particularly punishing applications. O-Rings in the most commonly used sizes for industrial and automotive applications are offered in …

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O-Rings. O-rings are circular sealing elements with circular cross-sections, and are mainly used in static applications. The sizes are specified by the inside diameter and the cross section diameter. Our O-rings are manufactured according to metric and imperial international standards such as …

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There are many reasons why O-rings fail, this brief guide provides details of some of the most common failure modes (there are additional failure modes not covered here).. At Precision Polymer Engineering, we have spent decades developing innovative elastomer materials able to resist the most challenging sealing environments. If you would like further assistance please contact our sealing ...

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Basic O-Ring Elastomers Parker Hannifi n Corporation • O-Ring Division 2360 Palumbo Drive, Lexington, KY 40509 Phone: (859) 269-2351 † Fax: (859) 335-5128 Parker O-Ring Handbook 2.1.2 Rubber Rubber-like materials fi rst produced from sources other than rubber trees were referred to as "synthetic rubber." This

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3 O-Ring Basics Seal Thinking™ Elastomer seals are unlike any other materials that design engineers confront. Metal or plastic parts, for instance, are probably failing if visibly distorted. But, an O-ring MUST be deformed to function properly. In fact, an O-ring that is not squeezed and stretched in its application is the wrong O-ring ...

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You can find more information about all of the o-ring materials Marco Rubber uses here, complete with the option to further explore specific formulations by material type. FFKM (Perfluoroelastomer) FFKM is regarded as the best-performing material available for sealing solutions, particularly in demanding environments, and has the best ...

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Now, follow the steps below to design your own o-ring seal and o-ring groove. Step 1. Choose your rubber properties by going to our O-ring Material Guide section. Step 2. Make sure that the material you choose will withstand the temperature of your system by going to this rubber …

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Also known as O-ring vulcanizing kits, these use a combination of heat and adhesive to create a bond that's stronger with greater elasticity than a bond made of adhesive alone. Use these to make Viton® fluoroelastomer and silicone O-rings.

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Viton® O-Rings FKM Parker Viton Elastomers Viton® O-rings & Parker fluorocarbon O-rings. Viton® O-rings from Parker offer excellent resistance to high temperatures, ozone, oxygen, mineral oil, synthetic hydraulic fluids, fuels, aromatics and many organic solvents and chemicals — making it excellent for O-ring, gasket and seal materials. Parker Viton® O-rings (FKM O-rings, fluorocarbon ...

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An O-ring is a torus, or doughnut-shaped ring, generally molded from an elastomer, although O-rings are also made from PTFE and other thermoplastic materials, as well as met-als, both hollow and solid. This handbook, however, deals entirely with elastomeric O-rings. O-rings are used primarily for sealing. The various types of

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Most popular elastomer O-ring material. Parker Hannifin uses 70 durometer hard nitrile (Buna-N) for most of its standard O-rings supplied, with 90 durometer available for tube fittings and adapters. Seal professionals value Buna-Nitrile elastomer for competitive price and excellent resistance properties to petroleum-based oils and fuels ...

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Yetaida 200pcs Rubber O Ring Set, 15 Sizes Silicone Rubber Washer Gasket Sealing O-Ring Kit, for Plumbing, Automotive and Faucet Repair, Air or Gas Connections, Resist Oil and Heat O-Rings with Box. 4.0 out of 5 stars. 3. $15.99.

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Chemraz® O-Rings. Chemraz®, the ultimate elastomer for demanding oilfield applications, gives excellent sealing performance when exposed to mixes of aggressive chemicals found downhole and is often specified by operators. Special compounds have been formulated for improved resistance to rapid gas decompression and abrasion, giving significant ...

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An O-ring is a torus, or doughnut-shaped ring, generally molded from an elastomer, although O-rings are also made from PTFE and other thermoplastic materials, as well as metals, both hollow and solid. This handbook, however, deals entirely with elastomeric O-ring.

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Technical Handbook O-rings 4.1. Select the elastomer Though "elastomer" is synonymous with "rubber", it is more formally a polymer that can be modified to a state exhibiting little plastic flow and quick or nearly complete recovery from an extending force, and upon immediate release of the stress, will return to approximately its own shape.

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Technical Handbook O-rings In designing an O-ring seal, it is important to determine the O-ring compound early, as the compound selected may have an influence on the gland design. The application determines the rubber compound, the primary factor being the fluid to be sealed. But the elastomer must also resist extrusion when exposed to the maximum

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Mechanical Seals And & Packing, Elastomer O-ring Seat. RS307 Compact Wave Spring Seal. Quick View; Read more Add To Cart View cart. Add To Wishlist. Quick View. Mechanical Seals And & Packing, Elastomer O-ring Seat. RS683/684 Multiple Springs Process Seals. Quick View;

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Global O-Ring and Seal, LLC is a master distributor of O-Rings, Backup Rings, X-Rings, Cord Stock, and related seals, servicing industrial distributors worldwide. We stock all major compounds including Buna (Nitrile), Viton (FKM), EPDM, Silicone, Teflon, Aflas, etc.

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Phone: 952-445-1320. Rubber Industries Inc is a leader in the custom molding of elastomers and custom tooling for five decades. Our work with custom tooling and custom molded pieces has made us the go to experts for the world's largest companies. Rubber Industries offers the fastest service for custom molded Viton O Rings.

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O-ring compatibility chart offers guidance on chemical resistance and swell for Viton o-rings, FFKM o-rings, Silicone o-rings, Teflon o-rings and more. O-ring compatibility plays a critical role in o-ring performance â€" find the right material for your application and avoid o-ring failures.

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USA AS568 o-ring standard sizes are the most commonly used o-ring sizes in the world. Refer to our standard o-ring size chart to find USA AS568 o-ring dimensions. Order o-rings online from the world's largest inventory network including custom o-rings typically without tooling fees.

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Elastomer compression set is the percentage of the original compression (25%) that is not recovered. This test may be conducted on cylindrical disks or O-rings. At the end of the test, the samples are removed and allowed to cool at room temperature for 30 minutes before measuring. After a load is released from an elastomer, the difference ...

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Tech Bulletin O-Ring Elastomer Properties Cheat Sheet. This "elastomer cheat sheet" discusses the properties of the most common types of o-ring elastomers. Learn about: Thermal properties/ranges of o-rings. Advantages and disadvantages of each elastomer. Chemical resistances. Download the O-Ring Elastomer Cheat Sheet.


O-Ring Seals. O-rings are circular or doughnut-shaped rings generally molded from an elastomer. 1 They are used mainly for sealing purposes. To ensure a tight seal over a wide range of pressure, temperature, and tolerance, the elastomer has to be thermally stable over the intended service temperature range, incompressible, but very flexible (deformable) to ensure a tight seal.

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Der O-Ring ist ein Dichtelement für statische und dynamische Anwendungen. Lieferbar in vielen Abmessungen und Werkstoffen, z.B. Acrylnitril-Butadien-Kautschuk (NBR), Fluor-Kautschuk (FKM), Ethylen-Propylen Dien-Kautschuk (EPDM), Chlor-Kautschuk (CR), Silikon-Kautschuk (VMQ), Fluorsilikon-Kautschuk (FVMQ), etc. Polyurethan ist lieferbar in 70 und 93 Shore A für höheren …

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Rubber is composed of many different ingredients that include the base elastomer, vulcanization agents, fillers and plasticizers. For example, the addition of fillers can reinforce or modify properties, or additional plasticizer can increase elongation and lower durometer.

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O-Ring Elastomers. Nitrile (Buna-N) The most widely used O-Ring elastomer. Excellent resistance to petroleum products. Excellent compression, set, tear and abrasion resistance. Does not have good resistance to ozone, sunlight, or weather (unless specifically compounded).

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Viton®/Flurocarbon O-Ring Material: A synthetic rubber/elastomer providing excellent heat, oil, acid, weather and flame resistance. Has an operating temperature of -20°F to 400°F (-29°C to 204°C) and a hardness range of 50-95 durometer. The durable material is frequently used in chemical processing and automotive applications.

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Elastomer O-rings. Precision Polymer Engineering manufactures and supplies fully molded elastomer O-rings from 1.5mm (0.06") to 2.5 metres (8ft) outer diameter, and 0.8mm (0.03") to 12mm (0.47") cross section. Rubber O-rings can be manufactured in both small and large volumes, from just 1 O-ring …

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O-rings are the most common sealing product in the world; utilized across all types of sealing applications and industries. At its core, an O-ring is a circular sealing element with a circular cross section. Used effectively, an O-ring can seal practically all fluid, both liquid and gas.